Langston Hughes

By Milton Meltzer

Original Publisher: T.Y. Crowell & Co.
Current Publisher: Out of Print
Digital Publisher: Out of Print

Children’s Literature Finalists That Year:

  • Lloyd Alexander for The High King
  • Patricia Clapp for Constance
  • Esther Hautzig for The Endless Steppe
  • Milton Meltzer for Langston Hughes

Children’s Literature Winner That Year: Meindert DeJong for Journey from Peppermint Street

Judges That Year: John Ciardi, Virginia Haviland, Zena Sutherland

The Year in Literature: The High King by Lloyd Alexander won the Newbery Medal. 

More Information:

  • Before becoming an author, Meltzer was a public relations executive for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Traveling the country for Pfizer enabled Meltzer to do research at historical societies, local archives, and museums and collect nearly 1,000 illustrations that he then used when he began his career writing historical nonfiction and novels.
  • Meltzer was a Finalist four more times, twice in 1975 for Remember the Days and World of Our Fathers, in 1977 for Never to Forget: The Jews of the Holocaust, and in 1981 for All Time, All Peoples: A World History of Slavery.

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