The Edge of Next Year

By Mary Stolz

Original Publisher: Harper & Row
Current Publisher: iUniverse
Digital Publisher: Not Available

Reading Level: Ages 9 & Up

Children's Books Finalists That Year:

  • Natalie Babbitt for The Devil's Storybook
  • Bruce Buchenholz for Doctor in the Zoo
  • Bruce Clements for I Tell a Lie Every So Often
  • James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier for My Brother Sam Is Dead
  • Jason Laure and Ettagale Laure for Joi Bangla! The Children of Bangladesh
  • Milton Meltzer for World of Our Fathers
  • Milton Meltzer for Remember the Days
  • Adrienne Richard for Wings
  • Mary Stolz for The Edge of Next Year
  • Jane Yolen for The Girl Who Cried Flowers and Other Tales 

Children’s Books Winner That Year: Virginia Hamilton for M.C. Higgins the Great

Judges That Year: Lloyd Alexander, Betsy Hearne, Nat Hentoff

The Year in Literature: M.C. Higgins the Great by Virginia Hamilton also won the Newbery Medal.

More Information: Though Stolz suffered from debilitating arthritis for most of her life, she wrote over sixty books for young adults and children and won the Newbery Award twice, in 1962 and 1966. It was during one of her recovery periods in 1950 that she wrote her first book, To Tell Your Love.

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