By Walter Dean Myers

Current & Digital Publisher: Amistad (HarperCollins)

Reading Level: Ages 13 & Up

YPL Finalists That Year:

  • Paolo Bacigalupi for Ship Breaker
  • Laura McNeal for Dark Water
  • Walter Dean Myers for Lockdown
  • Rita Williams-Garcia for One Crazy Summer

YPL Winner That Year: Kathryn Erksine for Mockingbird

Judges That Year: Laban Carrick Hill, Kelly Link, Tor Seidler, Hope Anita Smith, Sara Zarr

The Year in Literature: When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead won the Newbery Medal.  Going Bovine by Libba Bray won the Printz Award.

More Information: Walter Dean Myers was previously a Finalist in 1999 for Monster and in 2005 for Autobiography of My Dead Brother. Considered one of the preeminent writers of young people’s literature, Myers has written almost 100 books in a career spanning over forty years.

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