Journey from Peppermint Street

By Meindert DeJong

Original Publisher: Harper & Row
Current Publisher: Out of Print
Digital Publisher: Out of Print

Children’s Literature Finalists That Year:

  • Lloyd Alexander for The High King
  • Patricia Clapp for Constance
  • Esther Hautzig for The Endless Steppe
  • Milton Meltzer for Langston Hughes

Children’s Literature Winner That Year: Meindert DeJong for Journey from Peppermint Street

Judges That Year: John Ciardi, Virginia Haviland, Zena Sutherland

The Year in Literature: The High King by Lloyd Alexander won the Newbery Medal. 

More Information: Acclaimed children’s book author Maurice Sendak, himself a Finalist in 1980 and Winner in 1982, illustrated many of Meindert DeJong’s books.

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